Double your pleasure, double your fun

Mmmmmm…Doublemint. Great gum for at least 30 seconds. Anyhoos. Yesterday was a banner day for the Nationals, sweeping their doubleheader against the Brewers in dare I say, easy fashion. In the process, the Nationals also swept the series and pushed their record above .500 for the first time all season. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

Game 14 & 15 Natties

Game ball(s): Danny Espinosa who drove in 6 of the Nationals 13 runs. He only had two hits, but made them count, tripling in three and homering in another three. And Jason Marquis and Livan Hernandez both deserve kudos as well, both posting seven quality innings. Too often a doubleheader spells taxing trouble for a team’s bullpen but not so yesterday.

Goat(s): Yovani Gallardo. Every step he takes towards becoming an ace is matched by an almost equal step backwards. The zero walks, though, is a good sign that he should still be great one day. Oh, and what the hay. Chad Gaudin. Another two-thirds of an inning, two runs allowed showing. He’s the Ron Popeil of bad relievers.

Bryce Harper is a ways off: Drew Storen. The good doppelganger of Gaudin, who went two clean innings for the save in game two.

Current record: 8-7


  1. raysrenegade

    Poor Cajun Chad. Guy either is a blessing or a curse anymore on the mound.
    Love Espinosa since I picked him up for my Fantasy team. Fantastic double-bubble yesterday with some awesome stats. Both starters did their stuff with their 7 innings, just hate to see things go sideways after a great effort. Thanks goodness it did not go so sideways as to topple the great efforts.
    Kudos to the Nats for taking the two games.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Matthew Tracy

    Everywhere Chad has gone, they say the same thing: Has pretty decent stuff but it never translates to results. Mix in frequent bouts of wildness and at best, he should be in mop up duty. Unfortunately, with the Nats, he serves a more prominent role. Congrats on picking up Espinosa. The average probably won’t be there because of the strikeouts, but he definitely has pop and can swipe a base. Good luck to your Rays this year. They’ve had a nice turnaround the last week and with your farm system, you are positioned to compete for years to come.


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