Sue Me, Sue You, Sue Everybody

Hey, since when did this blog turn into a weekly? Next thing you know, you are going to start charging for this worthless commie-pinko rag like The New York Times.

Fair question. And I probably deserve that one. And now is probably not the time to claim that I’ve been in seclusion dealing with Chad Gaudin being placed on the disabled list. So back to more regular Nationals blogging it is.

Last night was a double-win around these parts, with the Nationals getting back on the winning track with a 4-3 victory over the Mets and my beloved Washington Redskins actually making a potentially savvy move in the draft, trading down six spots with the Jaguars, landing their second round pick and Ryan Kerrigan in the process. What’s next? Dan Snyder will fully turn the team over to football people? Please don’t sue!

Game 24 Natties

Game ball(s): Ian Desmond. The new dad homered and tripled, powering the Nationals to victory.

Mike Morse. You could live with the sub-par defense if he hit. He isn’t hitting.

Bryce Harper is a long ways off: Can I say again Mr. Snyder how much I loved the Mark Carrier signing?

Current record: 11-13

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