National Pride

You would think taking 3 of 4 from the defending World Champs would be something to celebrate. And indeed it is. But the momentous news of the take down of Osama Bin Laden Sunday night should remind everyone of the context in which baseball victories stand. Sure, seeing Tom Gorzelanny pitch like Sandy Koufax is a treat. Yet the truly amazing and heroic performances are the ones that are undertaken every day, by unknown rough men standing ready on our behalf. And because of those men, in more ways than one, the past few days have been a National(s) victory for all.

Game 28 Natties:

Game ball(s): Gorzelanny. He has always had the stuff. Once and a while he can harness it and last night is the result you get when he does, especially facing a reeling Giants squad.

Goat(s): The Giants offense. To say it disappeared over the four game series is like saying Jimmy Hoffa merely took a long lunch.

Bryce Harper is a long ways off: Drew Storen closing out another win, making it clear to all that he has retaken the throne of Nationals closer of the here and tomorrow.

Current Record: 14-14. Back to .500 baby!

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    Hear, hear…..

    Those that risk their lives for our protection should never be forgotten.

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