Stairway to Retirement

After going 1 for 8 in the first two games of the Orioles series, Matt Stairs has managed to up his average to a cool .100. Sadly, I think that says more about the Nationals than it does about a 43-year old who should be happy to merely not throw his back out swinging at a 92 mph fastball, let alone make a productive career of it.

Hitting fifth and serving as the Nationals DH for the second consecutive game, it is painfully obvious the Nationals need to move on. It is not so much about today’s 8-3 loss to the Orioles, which was fueled primarily by the hitability of starter John Lannan. However, for one of the youngest teams in baseball starving for offense, carrying a veteran of Stairs ilk is a luxury the team cannot afford if it wants to make a run at .500.

Perhaps Stairs can still be a decent bat off the bench for a contender. Color me skeptical even of that. But as the Nationals return to health, and Zimm, Ankiel, and crew return, the time has come at last.

Game ball(s): I guess if I have to choose I’ll take Desmond’s largely empty 2-4 day. Then again, given his putrid BA and the stench it has left on my fantasy team, I will take it.

Goat(s): John Lannan. 6 innings, 10 base runners, 6 earned runs. The wheels have come off the soft-tosser with his ERA climbing above 5 and his whip sitting at an ugly 1.62.

Bryce Harper is a long ways off: I stretched the game ball. I’m not Gumby though.

Current Record: 21-24

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