Insult to Injury

In and of itself, there is no shame in the Nationals losing 6-4 to the Brewers today as they are the hottest team in baseball, winning 13 of their last 16. Getting swept? That’s little harder to explain away, but again, sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw. Getting swept while the winning pitcher in the clincher strikes out 10 and hits the go-ahead home run? That’s rough.

But that’s exactly what Zack Greinke did to the Nationals today, sending them to their seventh loss in eight tries on the now completed road trip. The offense continues to plod along as the pitching staff has begun in earnest the regression to their below-average mean. Thankfully, the Nationals welcome the light-hitting Padres to Nationals Park on Friday for a three game series, a respite before the Ike Turner beatings begin anew with the Phillies swooping in on Monday.

Game ball(s): Greinke. He managed to humiliate Washington this afternoon, which is saying something for the nation’s capital.

Goat(s): Like Congress, you don’t suddenly find yourself in a ditch without a full team effort.

Bryce Harper is a long ways off: Mike Morse. Pressed into action with LaRoche mercifully going on the DL, he delivered his third homer in three days with a predictable MM line: 1 for 4 with 3 Ks.

Current Record: 21-28

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