2 Really Is Better Than 1

Well, the last 20 hours or so have been good to the Nationals, as since the last time we put fingers to keyboard, Washington banked two nice wins over the Bernie Madoff Mets, taking the series 2-1.  I was too tired after last night’s 6-2 victory to post a recap and work kept* me from watching this afternoon’s matinee.  So let’s go straight to the awards section for both games:

Game Ball(s):  Stephen Strasburg and Ross Detwiler, who delivered 6 and 5 shutout innings, respectively.  You can nick pick the lengths of the starts, but the Nationals will be in a position to win a lot of games this season if they can get more performances like this.

Goat(s):  The Mets bats, who without David Wright in the lineup, appeared lost and lifeless.  Huh, a bit like the Mets finances. Huh.

Bryce Harper is not as far off:  Ian Desmond, who went 4-9 with 2 runs scored and solo home run over the 2 games, probably deserves a shout-out.  So here you go.  But with the potential loss of Drew Storen for a long stretch, what bears a lot of scrutiny is the development of Henry Rodriguez.  I don’t know if Davey Johnson will go with him over Brad Lidge as the Nats closer, but there is no denying H-Rod has a lot of talent.  His fastball touches triple-digits and his change-up comes in at 91.  His change-up.  But whether his pitches will cross the plate is about as predictable as what will come out of Ozzie Guillen’s mouth next, so a clean 2k, no walk 9th inning was nice to see in the box score today. 

Current Record: 4-2

*By kept I actually mean ever so graciously took away my desire to watch

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