Nationals In Need Of A Bat, Bullpen Depth

From Mike Axisa over at FanGraphs comes a look at the Nationals and what their potential needs may be to continue their run.

I’m not sure I’m on board with the Nationals needing to augment their bullpen, especially assuming (I know, I know) Drew Storen comes back healthy.  I know a team can never have enough good arms, but in the grand scheme of things, the much greater priority for Washington is how to generate more offense.  Axisa does make it clear adding an impact bat should be priority number one, though I’m not keen on a lot of the names he throws out in the article, especially at the catcher position.  In my mind, if your are in the market for offense, then go for offense.  Pretty much anyone the team could get to replace Jesus Flores wouldn’t offer much in the way of a run-creation upgrade.  Focus on a corner outfielder and heaven help us, get Ryan Zimmerman’s bat going.

One comment

  1. weezie

    not really worth the read. I can see the Nats making a move for a major bat for some younger talent if they want to make a run, but they have to be happy where they’re at for the most part. The offense has been sporadic, but it has to be expected that Zimmerman will pick it up and Morse will begin to contribute. With the return of Werth and Storen coming, it seems absurd to try to upgrade in those areas. It also seems that the Nats should be more than happy with the job Flores is doing behind the plate and his offense is nothing more than icing on the cake. I can’t imagine bringing an offensive catcher in with how the staff is performing. I would hope that the only thing they would show interest in would be icing on the cake for yet to be determined ingredients.

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