Team of Rivals

In the titanic struggle for the title of Nationals’ most unlucky pitcher, a dominant outing from Orioles’ starter Jason Hammel buoyed by timely slick defense and another woeful offensive performance vaulted Jordan Zimmermann back into the lead over his rival Edwin Jackson last night.  If the rest of the season plays out in this fashion, I’m wouldn’t be half surprised if Doris Kearns Goodwin writes about this modern-day incarnation of a team of rivals.  Put a stove top hat on Strasburg and he is the spittin’ image of Lincoln.  And best of all, Doris could, ahem, borrow without attribution, all of this!  Anywho, on to the awards for last night’s 3-1 loss:

Game ball(s):  Hammel.  He has been the O’s Robin to Adam Jones, their Batman.  It’s a shame that Sidney Ponson doesn’t pitch for them anymore.  Then they would have the Penguin too.

Goat(s):  Ryan Zimmerman.  While I’d like to think he just screws Jordan over because his momma wouldn’t give him the extra n, we may be at the point where parking him for a few weeks to get healthy is the only thing that is going to ignite his anemic bat.

Bryce Harper is still only 19:  Ryan Mattheus.  It has been good to see him back in form off of the DL, making his fourth consecutive scoreless appearance last night.  The bullpen is getting healthy.  Let’s hope the rest of the Baltimore series we see the arms in action with a lead.

Current Record:  40-28


  1. weezie

    At the very least, they should move Zimmerman down to 6th in the order and everyone behind him up a spot. Still a spot he can offer some protection and production while getting Desmond more RBI opportunities. While we’re at it, maybe they should tinker with the order when facing LHP as well. Harper’s recent AB’s against lefty’s has created a huge hole in the 2-3 spots of the line-up. It’s like giving run scoring opportunities away. Something the Nats can’t afford to do.

  2. Matthew Tracy

    With Harper struggling against lefties, the tough part is that I’m not sure the Nats have really any better options. I’d like to see Werth slide into the 2-hole against lefties when he returns, but that won’t be for at least another month. As for Zimm, it seems like he is finally conceding that his shoulder is keeping him from swinging the bat like he should. They have just been pounding him with fastballs he can’t turn on. From what Adam Kilgore is reporting, Zimm is thinking about building in a DL stint around the All-Star break. That sounds like the best thing for him and the team.

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