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Bombs Bursting in Air

At first, I thought it was a bit strange that I was enjoying my two for one Egg McMuffins at the start of a Nationals game.  Now that I’ve woken up from a post-game nap and it is still not even 5 o’clock, all I have to say is God bless 11am starts and God bless America!

Twenty minutes into today’s game against the San Francisco Giants, while I was still flying high on the cheesy goodness of the Egg McMuffins, I wasn’t feeling as high on the Nats chances as they quickly fell behind 3-0 in the top of the first.  But then the bombs started flying out of Nationals Park and Edwin Jackson settled down, and the Nats roared to a 9-4 victory.  Now, the only thing left to settle on this glorious day is whether I can double-down on the nap.  Dare I?

Game ball(s):  Ryan Zimmerman.  Leaving everyone to wonder why he didn’t take the cortisone shot on Opening Day, Ryan went 2 for 5 with a homer and 3 RBIs and his third inning double missed being a home run by this much (imagine really tiny font).

Goat(s):  Madison Bumgarner and I.  After Bumgarner’s dominant one-hit shutout last time out, I have to confess that for a moment I thought he was in line for an easy win for my fantasy team.  The shower cannot be hot enough!

Bryce Harper is still only 19:  Bryce Harper.  Now that baseball has taken care of Chipper Jones, it is time to re-double the efforts to send Bryce to Kansas City.  You can help send the kid to the All-Star game by voting here.

Current Record:  47-32

O Canada

I used to think the only good reason to invade Canada would be to ensure a steady supply of the delicious bacon that tops my occasional Egg McMuffin.  The last three days have given me another reason:  Wins to add to the ledger for the Washington Nationals.  Thanks Canucks!

Now, with a glowing heart, let us hand out the awards for the Nats three-game sweep of the Blue Jays.

Game ball(s):  Anytime you go on the road (let alone a foreign country) and sweep a team, everyone deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.  Ah, that’s so nurturing of you.  But smiley stickers for everyone aside, the Nats bullpen does deserve kudos for logging eight innings of one-run ball over the three games.  Each time they took over for Washington’s starter, the Nats held the lead.  And each time, when the last reliever left the mound, the team still was ahead on the scoreboard.

Goat(s):  The border officials who let the Nationals cross.  Wait. They’re heroes!

Bryce Harper is still only 19:  This may be the recency effect at play, or the simple fact that my heart already swells at the mere mention of Bryce Harper, but boy did Tyler Moore have a heck of a game today.  Moore, starting for the first time in the series, went all crazy American, going 3 for 5 with 2 home runs and 5 RBIs.  He probably strikes out too much to have a great average, but with an impressive record of power in the minor leagues, the two home runs isn’t so crazy.

Current Record:  38-23