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Nats 2, the Unwashed 1

When last we crossed paths, Wilson Ramos had just singled in the winning-run in the series opener against Filthadelphia late Friday night.  It’s a shame nothing much of interest transpired over the next forty-eight hours.  Oh, huh.  You say all this happened:

Jayson Werth powers Washington to victory Saturday as Gio silences the Unwasheds’ bats.

Cole Hamels intentionally plunks Bryce Harper in a “gutless” act.

Jayson Werth realizes wrist was showing power, breaks it in retaliation.

Nationals fall in series finale after Hunter Pence unleashes reverse fantasy curse, smacking two home runs.

Channeling my inner Larry King, a few quick comments about the weekend that was:

  • First, as much as I love to rag on Werth, losing him for 12 weeks is only going to exacerbate the problem an already downtrodden lineup has scoring runs.
  • Third, Mike Rizzo nailed it.  Hamels had no business hitter Harper other than to be a punk.  I know he wants a new contract from Filthadelphia, but I had no idea he wanted to fit in that badly with the Santa-pelters.
  • I wonder if CNN wants me back.  At least people watched Jack Hanna, his monkeys, and me.  Who watches Piers Morgan?  Oh, I hope he is not listening in on me.
  • Second, that Bryce Harper kids is a keeper.  Sweet stroke, tremendous hustle, cannon for an arm.  I haven’t been this excited since I found a mini-toy microphone in my Cracker Jack box in 1966.
  • Finally, as much as I love the guy, I can’t help but think that without an increased strikeout rate, Jordan Zimmermann is not poised to vault into elite status this year.  Although his ground ball/fly ball ratio is over one for the first time in his career, his strikeout percentage is also down from 18.7% to 14.7%.

Good night from Tallahassee.  Now here’s Anderson Cooper to keep them honest about how unwatchable he really is.

No Runs For You

Baseball is a funny game.  It seems you can’t actually win a game without scoring much in the way of runs, a notion the excellent-pitching, horrible-hitting Nationals have bumped their heads up against during their now five-game losing streak.

Tonight saw this tiring scene play out again, with Jordan Zimmermann delivering a solid start, only to be outpitched by Trevor Cahill.  And well, his team scored for him, resulting in Washington falling to the Diamondbacks 5-1.  Alas, the notion survives another night.

Game ball(s): Cahill.  He was on with his sinker and change-up tonight, though I think at this point the carcass of John Wayne could have its way with the Nats lineup.

Goat(s):  You could probably nominate any Nats hitter, but I’m going to single out Rick Ankiel for a particularly poor night at the dish, which included grounding into a double-play with two on and no one out in the bottom of the sixth with Washington only down 2-0.  Maybe Davey will take a GIDP as a sign of the hitting yips and act accordingly???

Bryce Harper is still only 19:  I hope I can post the video tomorrow, but Harper gunned down John McDonald at home trying to score on a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the seventh with a laser from deep left field.  Impressive.  Unfortunately, the ump blew the call and called McDonald safe, pushing the Snakes lead to 4-0.

Current Record:  14-9