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Happy Halladay!

I’m old enough to not remember the last time the Nationals beat Roy Halladay but I am still young and internet savvy enough to find out that it was under the Expos banner in 2002 when the franchise did.  Ten years and a foreign country apart.  That is long ago, eh?

But the drought is no more, after last night’s 5-2 victory in Filthadelphia.  The Nationals, led by Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond, climbed all over Doc early, giving Jordan Zimmermann precious runs that were being to feel to him as scarce as soap in the city that never washes.  Coupled with Atlanta’s loss to the Reds, the Nats are now back in first, a slim 1/2 game lead to their name.

Game ball(s):  Harper.  Read after the game that he had watched video on Halladay from the past three years which had him zeroing in on the curve ball he laced for a two-run triple during his second at-bat. Talented and prepared. Giddyup!

Goat(s):  Me, for benching Zimm in my fantasy league.  I await the tomatoes with great shame.

Bryce Harper is still only 19:  I don’t know who this power-crazed Ian Desmond is but I’m getting a little weak in the knees all the same.

Current Record: 26-17