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Werth the hustle

When is an 0-5 night a $126 million contract earning night? Last night, when Jason Werth hustled his way to second in the bottom of the tenth after Yuniesky Betancourt’s throw got past Prince Fielder, swiped third base without a throw, and came home on an infield bouncer by Adam LaRoche.

Putting aside the Brewers curious defensive decision to not cover third after Werth reached second, last night’s win is exactly the type of win that has been few and far between the past few seasons. A win when you are clearly not the better team, but you manage to pull one out anyways. Now granted, not every night will the beer capital denizens drink and play. And no, long term, Werth can’t earn his keep with just hustle alone. But for a team yearning to instill a culture of winning, watching one of your struggling stars hustle the team to victory can’t hurt.

Game 13 Natties

Game ball(s): Can it be anybody else but Werth?

Goat(s): Sean Burnett. Blown save number one on the season. With Storen pitching so well, I can’t help but think that soon, the Nationals will begin the transition back to the future.

Bryce Harper is a ways off: Wilson Ramos. Boy, can he hit. Everyday, that Matt Capps half-year rent and trade is looking better and better.

Current Record: 6-7